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Quality of life

Tillamook County is a unique community with a rich history, unparalleled natural beauty and resources, and hard-working residents. It’s a place I have been lucky to call home for nearly three decades, and a community I’ve been honored to serve as a first responder, small business owner and newspaper editor. 

It’s easy to understand why Tillamook County has been a magnet for visitors since its beginning, and as such, the visitor industry is vital for our economic well-being. However, timber, fishing and farming are also an integral part of our DNA, and those industries must be supported and preserved. 

Small businesses are the lifeblood of Tillamook County, and I support economic growth strategies that focus on empowering the amazing entrepreneurial spirit that thrives here. I also believe it’s important to balance any economic development with environmental and natural resource sustainability and protection. 

As your commissioner, I will focus on the issues that directly impact the quality of life we have come to love in Tillamook County. This means, I’ll work to:

  • Increase support to our county law enforcement agencies and other public safety partners.

  • Invest in roads and other vital county infrastructure, and the personnel that perform those important duties.

  • Focus on creating/incentivizing more desperately needed workforce and middle-income housing for our teachers, service providers, first responders, etc.

  • Develop partnerships to address the lack of affordable and available childcare to assist our working families. 

  • Identify alternative revenue streams to help end the “boom or bust” economy the county has been struggling with for decades. 

  • Ensuring that visitors are paying their fair share to help mitigate any increased impacts to county infrastructure, services or livability.

Tillamook County is at an important crossroads facing many additional obstacles and issues that threaten our quality of life — FEMA BiOp, ODF’s Habitat Conservation Plan, loss of recreational immunity, negative impacts from increased visitors — just to name a few. As your Commissioner I will strive for Tillamook County to remain one of the best places to live, work and visit — well into the future.

- Paul Fournier

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